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Green Fields


Because BSF are tropical insects, they have developed alongside plants like yours over millions of years. Through the process of organic decomposition, When things decompose in nature, many different species are involved and some compete for resources (for example bacteria and fungi). We use that competition to create products like Diptia™ and Vitalis. It is a more natural way to fight plant disease because it is how nature does it. This can be broken down into three main systems:one mode fails the others may still work, and this increases the types of pathogens the product works against.

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The chitin in frass acts like a vaccine. Fragments of chitin increase the plant immune response because the plants think they are detecting fungi (which also have chitin), and which can be pathogenic to plants. 
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 The bacteria in Vitalis™ fight against fungal pathogens and stop them from growing or from spores germinating. They do this using many methods including enzymes that cut open the fungi. 
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Siderophores are molecules that bind to organic iron, which is needed by the fungi to grow. Limiting the availability of iron to the fungi inhibits its growth, keeping the plant roots protected.
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